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Irish Models

  • CRU Single Electricity Market Committee (SEMC) Plexos Forecast Model (2020-2025)

  • pypsa-eur (docs, article) - an open model dataset of the European power system at the transmission network level that covers the full ENTSO-E area. The model is suitable both for operational studies and generation and transmission expansion planning studies. The continental scope and highly resolved spatial scale enables a proper description of the long-range smoothing effects for renewable power generation and their varying resource availability.

  • JRC-EU-TIMES (zenodo, eu-commission-dataset) - represents the energy system of each EU Member State and neighbouring countries. It aims to analyse the role of energy technologies and their interaction for meeting European energy and climate change policy targets. It produces projections (or scenarios) of the EU energy system showing its evolution up to 2060 under different sets of specific technology and policy assumptions and constraints. Includes Ireland as a separate region.